Welcome To The Conshohocken Police Department Website

 The mission of this police department, through a community partnership, is to improve the quality of life, provide a sense of safety and security for our residents and borough guests.  We, as a police department, promote dignity, respect, and professionalism, by recognizing our duty and obligation to maintain order, enforce the laws and to protect individual rights without impunity on a fair and equal basis”.



   In the spirit of the Christmas season, employees at The Great American Pub in Conshohocken and Wayne are collecting donations for St. Barnabus Mission in West Philadelphia.  St Barnabus Mission provides stability for homeless families in the Philadelphia area. The ultimate goal of St Barnabus Mission is to help families, especially single mothers, find employment and ultimately secure stable housing. Not only does St Barnabus provide a clean, stable place for families to stay, they also provide support during times of homelessness and after housing is found.  Please, in the spirit of Christmas, give anything you can and help make this Christmas season special for a child who is not as fortunate as others.  





  Conshohocken Police are looking for Borough residents to join the Greater Norristown Police Athletic League in Norristown.  Attached at the bottom of the page you will find the link to GNPAL and the application form. 


  Since 1976, Greater Norristown Pal (GNPAL) has served thousands of area youth in a variety of programs. In 2005, the GNPAL moved into the old Stewart National Guard Armory building near the Elmwood Park, Zoo, and sports complex. The building is now called GNPAL center. You must be a member of the GNPAL to participate in leagues, classes, and programs. GNPAL members must also pay any fees for classes and programs they participate in. Members will receive a card that must be presented to gain access into the GNPAL building.  Youth membership is $10/yr and adult (18 years or older) memberships are $25.


  Whether it's sports like basketball, boxing, educational programs, homework tutoring, or diverse cultural programs, GNPAL has a wide variety of activities and programs offered to the youth in our community. The common factor which enhances the impact of the GNPAL is; committed and caring Montgomery County police officers.


  The mission of PAL has been the same for each PAL location for decades:  "COPS HELPING KIDS"  PAL aspires to be the premier youth serving organization in Montgomery County by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes. Police officers assisting GNPAL, supported by our community, offer the youth in the Greater Norristown area a safe haven for recreational, educational, and social gatherings. PAL is striving to build the relationship between the community and the dedicated police officers who serve their community.


  If you would like to join PAL, please log onto their website www.greaternorristownpal.org to access the application.