Conshohocken Police Department is represented by SGT Michael Conner on the CMSWAT team. He has been a dedicated member of this highly specialized unit since 1999. His qualifications include, but are not limited to the following; Element leader in chemical dispersion team, pistol, rifle, and automatic weapons. He is also an instructor of chemical agent deployment, distraction devices and impact munitions.  


"SWAT" (Special Weapons and Tactics) is compiled of many police officers from departments across Eastern Montgomery County. These officers are highly trained, both physically and mentally to respond to life threatening and critical incidents. These officers respond to incidents that may fall outside the abilities of patrol officers during the course of thier duties. SWAT officers respond to incidents such as hostage rescue, terrorism incidents, high risk arrests/search warrants, barricaded subjects, riots, and sniper fire.  


Some of the equipment used on SWAT teams include; advanced body armor, ballistic shields, building entry tools, armored vehicles, advanced night vision optics, and motion detectors during hostage rescue incidents. The original SWAT team was formed in 1968 within the Los Angeles Police Deartment. Since its inception 44 years ago, SWAT has transcended police departments across North America and around the world. Many major police departments have specialized criticial incident response units and those names vary among police departments. Regardless of the tatical name, these specialized units are commonly refered to as "SWAT" in terms of colloquial usage.